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Saffron - Adds Color and Aroma to Food; 

Joy and Strength to body and mind.

Please read the health benefits of Saffron.

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Portuguese Seafood Paella with Mussels.j

Fish, Shrimp, or Scallop.

To any of your favorite seafood recipes add a pinch of our Gold Saffron and Ruby Red Saffron, and taste the difference! Saffron doesn't only bring color, taste and aroma to your dish, but it is one the most healthy spices. It will heal your heart with its taste and benefits. 

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Spanish Seafood Paella

Spanish Saffron known to a lot of people, since Spain has been one of the biggest supplies of Saffron. Afghanistan has just entered the international market of Saffron. Not much was known about the land where Crocus grows its long thick stigma full of aroma and taste which surprised everyone around the world. 

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 For the best results: grind Red Saffron threads with God Saffron. Store the powder in a cold place. Mix half tsp of the powder, with one large lemon, salt, and powder paprika. Marinate the fish, shrimp or scallops in the mixture. Cover the dish, and let it soak for couple of hours in the refrigerator. You can barbecue, bake, or grill it. 

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Grind the Saffron Threads

For the best results, grind the threads. Grind by hand or by coffee grinder. In Afghanistan, the Saffron is often ground with sugar. The powder dissolves faster in liquid, and provides better taste with smaller amount of Saffron. 

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Tea or Coffee

Add saffron threads or powder, to your tea and coffee. Grind red saffron with gold saffron, and sugar. Add the powder to your coffee or tea in the morning, will keep you calm and happy throughout the day.

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Saffron in Honey

Add a few Saffron threads to a honey jar. Leave the jar at room temperature for a week, and then use a spoon full of honey with your tea or coffee. Saffron Honey can be used in cooking and baking.

Juicy beef kabobs with bell peppers, oni

Shola Saffron

The Italian rice, or the Persian shola will taste better with adding a pinch of Saffron. While using Saffron in your cooking, garlic is not recommended. Let Saffron to bring it's aroma and color the way you like it!

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Marinate meat with Saffron powder, a mixture of Red threads with Gold threads, is recommended by Divine Healing Saffron. In every gram of Red Saffron add 4-5 gm of Gold saffron. Add lemon, salt, black pepper, and red pepper into your marination. Refrigerate the marinated meat for few hours before cooking.

Zafrani Pulao - Fragrant basmati rice ma

White Basmati Rice with Saffron

Persian's most favorite dish. Wash desirable amount of rice several times, then soak it in a bowl for couple of hours. Bring the water to a boil, the amount of water should be more than the rice. Drain the water from the soaked rice, and put it in the boiling water. As the rice grains get soft, remove the rice and drain it under cold water. In a separate pan, add little oil, salt, saffron, 1/4 cup of water. Add the mixture with the rice and put it in the oven for 45 min at 390 degree.


Baking Saffron

Easter Saffron Hot Cross Bun Loaf with R


Saffron can be added to any of your favorite cookie recipes. To obtain the best result, grind the Ruby Red Saffron with Gold Saffron, and half tsp of sugar, in a grinder. Add the powder to your dough, and then bake. The color, taste, and aroma - is unbeatable !!

Rajbhog is a traditional Bengali sweet d


The mixture of Red Saffron and Gold Saffron, will bring a rich taste and aroma to any kind of baking. Add the Saffron mixed powder to your baking mixture, just before putting into the oven to bake. Try it for the holidays, and see the surprised look on your in-laws face!

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The Red Saffron Threads are recommended for use in cupcakes. To get the saffron taste, add the threads in the plain cupcake recipe, but do not add vanilla. The Ruby Saffron and Gold Saffron powder can be added for extra taste of Saffron. Let your cupcakes be the talk of the holidays!

Cold Saffron Deserts

 Healthy Drink for Ramadan fasting, sele


Add Saffron powder (or threads), pistachio, and almonds to whole milk. Heat the mixture for 5 minutes, and then let it cool down. Pour the mixture in Popsicle holder, and 

freeze it for couple of hours. Then they are ready to serve.

Mango Saffron Lassi - a yoghurt based tr

Saffron Milk

Soak threads of Saffron in Milk, and refrigerate it for few hours before serving it. For best results add the Saffron at night and have the drink in morning. Can be served with cereal or oatmeal.

Rajasthani Shahi Kulfi is a popular froz

Saffron Mango Shake

Soak threads of Saffron, or Saffron powder, in milk for couple of hours and refrigerate it. Add one ripe mango and half a cup of crushed ice. Stir the mixture for a minute, then serve the shake.


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