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 Freshly Harvested Saffron on November of 2023.


This package consists of a 30-gm container of 100% Saffron Plant grinded with 2.5 gm of Saffron threads. For the usage of Mood Booster please refer to our Mood Booster page. The grinded Saffron or the Mood Booster is made for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, memory loss, ADHD, weight, and libido.

This container will last for approx. 

Best for kids who suffers from anxiety or/ and ADHD.


Mood Booster 32.5 gm - 30 gm of Mood Booster with 2.5 gm Saffron Threads

  • Pleaes read the health benefits of Saffron. This powder is the best for everyday use.

    For those who are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, or Alzihmar please contact us to get your discount. This container will last for 20-30 days depending on amount of usage.

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